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  • In contrast to a dictionary, this glossary is not meant to be exhaustive. It provides a selection of technical terms, deliberately excluding most generic terms. The glossary emphasizes technical specifics. We hope that it will enable users to avoid some common errors of translation by refining the meanings given for equivalent items.
  • With the exception of words noted as older (ANC.), the terms listed are contemporary.
  • The glossary covers traditional agricultural techniques, as they were practiced around the world up to this day. Terms that arose after industrialization have been excluded. (For these terms, the user can refer to industrial machine and product catalogues.)
  • This glossary can contribute to safeguarding a wealth of technical information and knowledge about biodiversity, potentials for food production and wise utilization of resources and energy.
  • The glossary highlights cultural differences: many technical terms have no equivalent in another cultural area. (The symbol @ attached to a word means that the term is specific to a particular language.)
  • The entries are arranged by thematic category, so a search can be carried out either by word or by thematic category. Each entry has a window in which users can enter their own comments.

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